Preparing your home to sell can be a tedious and time consuming process. We have assembled a list of items and tasks that will help you sell your home in the shortest time for the best price.

Get Your paperwork in order

  • Survey that shows property boundaries
  • Receipts and warranties for appliances, finishes and upgrades
  • Plans and permits for all additions and upgrades
  • Certificates of occupancy, which signal compliance with municipal building codes
  • Loan documents, including first mortgage, second mortgage, and home equity line of credit
  • Latest utility bills
  • Latest property tax bill
  • Title
  • Survey
  • Construction and occupation permits
  • Proof of homeowner’s insurance
  • Utility bills
  • Homeowners’ association covenants and agreements
  • Specialty documents, such as proof of landmark status
  • Floor plan or blueprints, if available

Create Curb Appeal

  • Clear the walkways and driveway and remove any grass or weeds growing in cracks
  • Mow the lawn and trim the bushes
  • Freshen faded or chipped paint
  • Plant colorful flowers
  • Make sure the house number is easy to read

Make Minor Repairs

  • Replace burned-out light bulbs with bulbs that give off natural light
  • Replace cracked tiles
  • Steam clean carpets and repair scratches in hardwood floors
  • Repair holes and dings in the walls
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Fix doors that don’t close properly
  • Consider painting the walls neutral colors
  • Make the House Shine
  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Polish chrome faucets and mirrors
  • Clean appliances
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Vacuum and dust every surface
  • Replace that old shower curtain
  • Clean dingy grout
  • Make sure outdoor spaces are cleaned and tidy
  • If needed, power wash the deck, porch, driveway, walkway and any stains on the siding


  • Pare furnishings down to the bare essentials
  • Pack up small knickknacks and collectibles
  • Clear the kitchen counters
  • Remove personal items from bathrooms
  • Organize pantry and cabinet contents
  • Reduce closet contents by half and organize
  • De-Personalize
  • Buyers need to be able to picture their own family living in the house
  • Pack up family photos, souvenirs and knick knacks
  • Depersonalize children’s rooms by removing anything that mentions names, teams or schools

Showing Your Home

  • Open drapes to let the sunshine in and turn on lights
  • Fresh flowers brighten a room
  • Make sure the temperature is comfortable
  • Your home should smell fresh, but don’t overdo it with air fresheners, candles or cookies